Ping Pong
Potato Head
Bear Puzzle
Play the Piano
Zebra Puzzle
Penguin Puzzle
Games for the older children
Pop Bubbles
Color the Bear
Connect the Squares Game
Animals of the World Game
Put Sally the School bus back together
Road Ralley
Word Search
Connect 4
Games for the little ones
Whack a Groundhog: the groundhogs don't get hurt, they are just playing a game with you
Listen to stories
Feed the Ducks
Help the Monkies
Help the Butterflies
Circle the Bugs
Help the birds jump at the right times
Help the baby dino get fruit
Shoot the apples out of the trees with your sling shot but watch out for the snakes
Help the piggs get to the cupcake
Catch fish, but watch out for the puffers
Help the cowboy rope the right guys
Help the bear collect rabbits
shoot the blocks
Help the kitty and dog get treats
Help the frog catch flies
Help the Kola avoid the snails
Put the bees in bubbles
Listen to Stories
Fly in a baloon
Catch as many apples as you can
More Games
Ping Pong
Make your own snowflake
Memory Game
Make your own fireworks show.
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