True Confessions of Faith
I am God's child - God created me and He loves me - I was with God before I came into being - He knew me then and He knows me now perfectly - He knows me through and through - God loves me just the way I am right now - God accepts me just the way I am - I am acceptable and lovable - I am a beautiful child of God - I have infinite worth - all of creation is not complete without me - I have been created individually - I am unique in all ways - God created me as that unique person and He loves me - God chose me as His own - God lives in me and I live in Him - He abides in me and calls me His child - He wants me to live fully and abundantly - He frees me and gives me joy - God gives me the gift of life through His grace alone - I accept God's love this day and know He will love me forever - I thank God for the real person I am - I thank Him for creating me and giving me life - I thank Him for truth and love and life.