God gave us life and vitality and a sense of wonder, and an enormus capacity to flourish emotionally, personally, and spiritually. Why do we often hold back? Why do we wait? Why are we afraid? Why not live fully and completely - reguardless of the circumstances we encounter?

The most interesting people I know drink in life and savor every drop - the sweet and the sour. The good and the bad. The planned and the unplanned. And isn't that what God intends? When Jesus modeled humanity for you and me to see, he was out there- everywhere! He took risks. He embraced life and responeded to everyone and everything, the tender and the tumultuous. His capacity for life was without measure. And, we are designed like him. Fully human and fully alive. I don't want to miss anything he has in store for me, even if the path he takes me on winds through some pretty rough terrain. Right in the midst of what seems to me to be a detour from the map, I'm often gifted with something precious and unforgettable.

Capturing the moment is a choice, a way of life. It requires us to wake up, live life, and be present - here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes that's scary; sometimes it's exhilarating. Always, it's as adventure I keep learing to welcome with a full and greatful heart.

From I Married Adventure by Luci Swindoll p. 82