Sexual abuse is one of the few crimes that brings more shame to the victim than to the offender. It takes away a person's innocence and self-respect, and usually silences the victim so that help is difficult to find. The wounds and struggles that follow are often as difficult to deal with as the original abuse. Many victims feel alone, confused, depressed, and sometimes as if they are going crazy.
Addictions raise many questions. Are they moral weaknesses, diseases, habits, or sins? Are they physical dependencies, or complicated spiritual cycles? What's needed for change? Is it medical treatment, family intervention, daily group accountability, or spiritual transformation? Can behaviors be changed quickly, or will recovery be the process of a lifetime? If our answer to these questions is yes, or at least maybe, we are being honest about the complexity of addiction.In the following pages, we'll look at this complexity, and we'll focus on some of the more critical personal and spiritual dimensions of addiction.
Living Proof -- with Beth Moore
Early Warning Signs of Switching:
Recognition & Avoidnce Techniques

By Sara Lambert
The first chapter
A Letter to Doctors
Reclaimig Triggers

Sara Lambert
Cycles of Depression
Healing Techniques 
for Multiples
Scrapbook Therapy

by Annie McKenna
May be triggering
A Normal Response to Trauma
The Story of Two Dogs

Overcoming Anger
Time With Littles
You're Not Going Crazy
You're Not Going Crazy
Failure's Great Rewards
A Stepping Stone to Growth

by Chip Ingram
A Quick Word With Beth Moore
Elements of Spiritual Abuse
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Kicking Against The Walls of Secrecy
The Seven Steps of Healing from MPD/DID

by Alaine Pakkala
Hinderances to Healing

by Pamela Perez
Grounding Techniques
Joy in the Desert
Joy in the Desert
Alaines Testimony

 Where Mercy 
& Justice Meet 
Alaine's Daily Comittment Prayer
Another Chance
You are a Miracle
A Step Toward Church
How to Honor Your Parents

by Diane Stelling
The Rules for Being Human
Soul Cry

By Trudy Colflesh
Katie's Secret Video

Rebuilding the Foundations
A Different Way to Look at Suffering 
God's Timing
Self Hatred
Complex Polyfragmentation: A Coping Mechanism for the Survivor                   by Svali
It Won't Always Be Like This
Learning to Enjoy Life
Fully Alive
The Good Shepherd Story
Triggers and Body Memories
How to Speed Up Your Healing
Talking to the Inside
Make Your Place Safe
Finding a Safe Counselor
Going to Church
Learning to say No!
Talking to Others about DID
What do I do with my Anger
Why Doesn't God Heal Me Faster?
Welcoming the Little Ones
(About lost children)
Healing Sex Addiction & Sexual Abuse
You Can Find Love
How to Find Safe People
Helping the Core Learn to Lead
Fighting Against Hoplessness
What is Integration
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